"An inspiring practical one of a kind workbook, that will help 
juveniles look at their time as preparation and not as a punishment."

                                                                                             - Michy E. Morillo

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Juvenile Justice Programs

Cell Dreamer Academy Train-the-Trainer (CDT3)

Through our 2-day, 8-hour train-the-trainer model, a certified Cell Dreamer Trainer leads

participants through a workshop-style, two-day personal and professional experience in order to gain insight into the importance of this journey for the young people they serve. A key goal of this session is that all participants strive to be better, both for themselves and the adults and youth they serve.  


A Cell Dreamer Certified Trainer provides training to individuals who can then train others who work directly with youth for no additional cost. CDT3 participants are provided with all training materials. Cell Dreamer author Michy E. Morillo joins in the afternoon of Day 2


Cell Dreamer Academy Youth Modules (CDYM)

These innovative modules bring Coach Michy inside your facility, through pre-recorded videos,
to guide the young people you serve, as they gain the tools of transformation through their
engagement with Cell Dreamer.

Each of these modules directly corresponds to Cell Dreamer chapters and offers support in gaining the necessary tools to engage in each theme - to provide youth with a virtual, yet in-person felt experience, culminating in the creation of their very own Release Action Plan (RAP).