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  • How can I purchase the Cell Dreamer Books?
    You can purchase the Cell Dreamer books, by going to our Shop page and selecting the Student Version and/or the Juvenile Detention Version. Here is the link to our shop:
  • How can I join the Million Youth Mission?
    So you're ready to help empower young people to overcome limiting beliefs and become the best version of themselves? Head over to our Million Youth Mission page and click the "Become a Sponsor" button to get started! Here is the link:
  • General Question
    general answer
  • Is Shipping and Handling included?
    Yes, we've got you covered!
  • Can I choose where I want my books to go?
    Absolutely, If you would like the books to go to a specific school or facility please email us at
  • How long will it take for the youth to receive the books?
    We ship out books every last Thursday of the month.
  • Can I pay by check?
    Yes. Please make check payable to Michy E. Morillo LLC and mail to Cell Dreamer 1025 Gateway Blvd 303-193 Boynton Beach, FL 33426
  • How will I know when the youths I sponsored received the books?
    We will email you an update on your sponsorship
  • Do I receive the books?
    No, we ship out the books directly from our location to a School or Facility. Unless we receive an email at with specific instructions as to where you want the books to go.
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