Freedom Starts Here - Unisex T-Shirt


    Could it be that our most challenging times are sewn into opportunities?


    Cell Dreamer is an eight-week guide that prepares our youth to re-enter their life after incarceration. They discover new coping methods and behaviors while reflecting on past mistakes. They become aware of old destructive patterns and learn new healthy

    ways to consciously respond.


    The purpose of the workbook is to help juveniles succeed. Renewing their thinking is the first step to bringing hope back to our distressed youth.

    Through self-reflection and awareness, they learn what led them to jail and how they can create the life they want when they return to society.


    Everyone has a dream, and making a mistake and being in a cell doesn’t exclude those dreams from becoming a reality.


    Cell Dreamer helps juveniles work toward finding their best self through engaging exercises. They can see where they have been; the vision they have for when released, and the tools to accomplish a meaningful life.


    Their mistakes cannot be undone. However, there is power in a renewed mind.